Investments Criteria


Acropolis buys and sells single family homes and multifamily  properties to achieve a diverse portfolio of high quality assets.  Our criteria is as follows : 

Single Family Homes: 

Location : San Diego County 

Price point:  Up to $2M 

Type of properties: condos,1-4 units, single family value add, major remodels, new construction, historic refurbish, abatement, environmental issues , code enforcement.

Multifamily Properties:

Location : San Diego County , Imperial County, 

Price point:  Up to $10M   

Type: Distressed assets, Value-add assets, opportunity zone properties, core assets using modest leverage and a long-term hold strategy. 

Please contact us if you have any properties that fits the criteria above: 



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Office: 1025 W LAUREL ST. SUITE 106, SAN DIEGO, CA 92101

Contact: INFO@ACROPOLISDEV.COM   619-501-8011

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