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We Are Acropolis

We are one of San Diego's oldest cash buyers. Since 2006, we have been working with agents and homeowners alike to add value to San Diego real estate.

We Overpay for Fixers and Can Double Your Commission

We have been buying fixers for cash throughout San Diego for two decades. Since we started, many new players have entered the market and we are ready to ensure its worth your while to work with us.

Bring us your off-market fixers and...

  • You will represent us as the buyer (obviously)

  • You will get a $10,00+ upfront bonus

  • You re-list after renovation

For a $600,000 fixer at 2.5% commission, we can virtually double your commission before you even re-list for us!

Other Ways to Connect

SD Agent Happy Hour

June 22, 5-7pm

Vistal Bar + Restaurant

Drinks an aps on us!


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